Thermal Comfort

What is thermal comfort?

Comfort is a condition or feeling of pleasurable case, well-being and contentment. Comfort is a very complex mix of different very subjective sensations and is sometimes defined as the absence of discomfort.

Thermal comfort is reached when the thermal balance between the body´s heat production and heat loss produces an optimal thermal sensation. It involves the exchange of heat and moisture through the body-textile-environment system. Thermic® can be applied on mattresses, apparel and inside shoes.

The human body is warm-blooded and must maintain a body temperature within very close limits. It uses food as a fuel, converting it into energy. Some of this energy may leave the body through radiation from the skin or evaporation of sweat during exercise, whilst the remaining energy is devoted to maintaining the body core temperature essential for our internal organs. As the body must produce heat continuously, it must also lose it at a rate that provides control of body temperature within those close limits.

Thermic makes you sleep longer and deeper ! 

Thermic keeps you in your comfort zone for longer.

Sleeping on a Thermic® treated mattress significantly improves your quality of sleep. You do not only sleep up to 25 min longer per night, you also sleep deeper. you get up in the morning feeling more refreshed !  Read more in the ALL4RESTgo2market sleep study