Thermic® Quick Dry Technology

Why choose Thermic®QuickDry?

• A unique combination of thermoregulation and a quick dry technology provides optimal sleep comfort.

• The handle of the fabric remains unaffected, thanks to Devan’s unique and patented technology.

‘Proven technology’: People sleeping on a mattress treated with Thermic®QuickDry not only sleep longer, they also sleep deeper and enjoy a better sleep quality. The consumer panel tests were conducted as part of the ALL4RESTgo2MARKET European research study.


How does it work? 

Thermic® QuickDry fabric absorbs excess heat and slows the rate at which the skin temperature rises and the body enters the heat-stress zone (zone I - point 2). The Reference fabric – which does not contain any thermal buffer – causes the skin temperature to rise faster, reaching the heat-stress zone sooner.
As a consequence of the rise in temperature, the body starts to sweat. Thermic® QuickDry has a fast absorption and quick dry technology that accelerates the diffusion and evaporation of sweat, leading to a rapid drop of temperature. On reaching a lower temperature sooner, the body stops perspiring earlier with Thermic® QuickDry fabric (point 3) compared with the Reference fabric (point 4).
The Reference fabric, which does not enhance the diffusion and evaporation of sweat, accumulates more moisture accumulation inside the textile leading to a wet sensation: discomfort!
The thermal storage effect of Thermic® QuickDry is also active when the temperature falls as the PCM releases stored energy, slowing the rate of cooling within the comfort zone (point 5) and preventing the body from entering the cold-stress zone (zone II). The Reference fabric, without a buffer effect, causes the skin to cool faster and the accumulated sweat in the fabric causes further discomfort.
Thermic® QuickDry regulates skin temperature in the comfort zone (point 6), providing a feeling of well-being.

For dry and maximum comfort

Humans produce water vapour all the time because the skin is a slightly permeable membrane for water vapour molecules. As well as this “insensible perspiration” humans produce a ”sensible perspiration” for thermoregulation which can be up to about a litre per hour.

Moisture influences the skin’s sensorial comfort negatively. Skin can be moistened by sweat and has several negative aspects. Therefore it is important to keep skin dry through fast evaporation of water. The textile should be a facilitator of it diffusing into the environment.

Thermic® QuickDry is able to absorb liquid sweat and evaporate it efficiently. This is crucial not only for the skin sensorial comfort but also for the thermophysiological comfort.

Thermic® QuickDry is a thermoregulation technology combined with a fast absorbing and a quick dry technology as a consequence of a proper balance between hydrophilic and hydrophobic functions.

Thermic® QuickDry was engineered to maintain thermal balance between the human body and its environment avoiding heat and cold stress, by controlling body temperature through reactive encapsulated phase change materials while at the same time removing excess of sweat through fast absorbing and quick drying technology.