International Sleep Study

interntational sleep study

Devan took part in a consumer sleep study involving healthy volunteers at the University of Valencia, Spain, as part of the ALL4RESTgo2MARKET European project. Participants were asked to sleep on two different mattresses: one treated with Thermic® QuickDry, the other an untreated reference mattress.

  • A thermal camera recorded the temperature of the backs of the volunteers while they were sleeping. With the Thermic® QuickDry mattress, the temperature increase was half that of the reference mattress. In other words, volunteers remained within their comfort zone for longer.
  • As a result, volunteers sleeping on the Thermic® QuickDry mattress slept for an average of 25 minutes longer per night. This is because if a sleeping person experiences a big change in temperature and gets too hot or too cold, they will wake up because they are outside their comfort zone.But it’s not just how long you sleep that is important – also the quality of sleep is crucial.
  • Micro-arousals occur when a person moves from a deep sleep phase (REM) to a non-deep sleep phase close to waking up. With the volunteers sleeping on the Thermic® QuickDry mattress, a significant decrease in the number of micro-arousals (tingles, twitches, tics etc.) was observed. This resulted in improved sleep quality.
  • And that’s not all. Due to the reduction in micro-arousals and total awake time, volunteers spent a longer time in the deep sleep phase, and woke up feeling more refreshed.