A unique thermoreguling technology

The Thermic® thermoregulating technology is based on reactive microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCMs).

These materials possess the ability to change their physical state (phase) from “solid to liquid” and from “liquid to solid”, within a certain temperature range, in response to ambient temperature differences. The PCM absorbs heat when the temperature goes up, stores this energy temporarily, and releases the energy as heat when the temperature cools down.

PCMs have to be contained within a closed environment as when they change phase, they pass from solid to liquid state. If the PCMs were not encapsulated the liquid PCM would flow away.

Devan recently engineered Thermic® QuickDry, a unique thermoreagulation and quick dry technology, for a maximum comfort. 

Thermic® applied on leather, textiles and foam

Devan developed a reactive micro­capsule techno­logy which is patented. The encapsulated PCMs can be seen as “thermal batteries”, that charge through body heat (thermal energy is available), store the energy and release it when the temperature (e.g. the external temperature) drops below a certain point.

The challenge of applying PCMs on leather, textiles and foam is to apply as many microcapsules per square meter as possible, without changing the other properties of the leather, the fabric (hand, breathability, tear strength,…) or foam (resilience, breathability,...). Thermic® is a reactive patented technology, engineered by Devan Chemicals.